Fit tip Friday- Thanksgiving

I think we all worry about over eating around the holidays.  We love everything we make, and want it all!  Personally I say, eat it all!  Don't deprive yourself of the stuff you want because you will gain weight from it.  When I deprive myself is when I do the most damage.  Have a little bit of everything that you love, even the pie, but don't go back for seconds or have a huge plateful.  Use a smaller plate, and eat a little of everything so you feel like you haven't been deprived of that roll or delicious mashed potatoes, or whatever it may be.

Later in the day, instead of falling asleep from that piece of Turkey you had, go for a walk.  It doesn't have to be a three mile run, but don't just lay around because you're beat.  You'll burn way more calories taking a nice walk around the block than laying on the couch being miserable watching football all day, hehe.

We can do this, you and I!  Keep a positive attitude and don't cave in to want.  Remember want and need are two different things.  Just because our brains want it, our bodies don't necessarily need it.  Make yourself proud!

xoxo BJ
yeah, so, I may be one of those people! hahahaha

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