Caramel Coffee

How many of you LOVE Dunkin Donuts Iced Latte?  I do!  It's my favorite!!  I don't make it to Dunkin very often because it's not close, luckily, but I crave their iced lattes.

While playing around I came up with a delicious iced coffee with 102 calories, saving you 18 calories if you get the 16 oz with skim.

All you need is:
Caramel (the kind you put on your ice cream)
Condensed Sweetened Milk
Your favorite 0 calorie coffee (which is most)

For the 102 cal version
1 tbs of Caramel
1 tbs Condensed Sweetened Milk
coffee to top

I let mine cool for a little bit before putting it over the ice, but you could do it either way.  
No sugar or sweeteners needed, it is already sweet with the combination of the two ingredients!  Of course if you want to have more caramel flavor, add more.

Enjoy! Hope you are having a fabulous week!

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