Monday's Motivation

After having a terrible eating weekend.  I'm using something material for this week's motivation.

Clothes!!!  I hate clothes, well, I should say, I hate shopping for clothes for myself.  I'm not a fashionista, or even own anything fancy.  I've always been a jeans and tee kinda gal.  Hell, who I am I kidding, more like a sweats and tee gal.  Why do I need to get dressed up when most days I don't leave my house, and there is usually snot or something on me.  Gross, right?!

Anyway, this weekend my little sister cleaned out her wardrobe a bit, and let me have first dibs on the amazing clothes she has.  She has always dressed amazing, heels, make up, hair did, adorable clothes, she's like a model!  So with the opportunity of having some of her clothes, I jumped at the chance.  Granted, I can't fit in them YET, I still took out a few.  I am most excited about the jeans from Bebe.  I've never owned anything from there, and have only been in there with her.  Anywho, I'm going to put the jeans where I can see them, and when I have the urge to eat an M&M, or any crab that I know is going to hinder me from fitting in those jeans, I'm going to walk away!  I really, really want to fit in them, and you know, as well as I do, if we put our whole head and heart into something, we really can do it!

I hope you are ready to face this week.  Make good choice and find something to motivate you, find your strength!

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Jackie said...

I love when my sister cleans out her closet... it's to bad that she lives so far away! I know that she has gotten rid of stuff with the tags on it stil!