ProgressOH! Soup

For all you lovelies that are trying to lose weight, or maintain it, here's a 200 calorie lunch or dinner that is OH SO Tasty!!!

Have you tried the Progresso Light Soups?  There is an amazing variety, and I couldn't even tell the difference in taste between the regular and light.  I'm a stickler on taste, and honestly, these are AW-MAZING!

I eat salads most days of the week, but when it's cold outside, and have I no desire to eat another salad, I pull out a can of Progresso Light.  If you all don't know, I try to be a thrifty shopper, I watch sale ads, and use coupons as much as I possibly can.  I always watch for Progresso sales, because truthfully, it's my favorite soup in a can.  I can usually get 10 cans for $8, sometimes less,  depending on how many coupons I can get ahold of.

Be sure to check out the Progresso Website and become a fan on Facebook!  They have recipes, ideas, and so much yummyness!

Making healthy choices in the kitchen is the first step to any weight loss.  Here are a couple pictures of myself so far.  The first one is in October, and the second is from 2 weeks ago, (2 weeks after I started eating better.)  You can see the difference in my face.  I'm still working on my body, but I will say I've lost 10 pounds in January.

One lucky reader could win this cool prize pack.  I received one, and loved it!  Leave me a comment to let me know your favorite Progresso Light soup, and what you're doing to help lose weight in the new year!  I will randomly select one of you to receive the same thing I did!  US residents only, sorry my Canadian and overseas friends! :(

"Disclosure: The information, products and ProgressOh! gift packs were provided by Progresso through MyBlogSpark.


Jill said...

I recently tried the Light Chicken and Dumplings Soup and that was Really Good!

Thank you.

Jackie said...

I do like Progresso soups quite a bit. It's one of the few that has meat in it that actually looks real and the soup itself isn't overly salty!

Chicken Noodle has always been a favorite of mine.