Monday Motivation

Good Monday Morning friends!!!  I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!  I stayed home and played all weekend long, it was nice to just relax, well other than daily chores.

My question to you today is, what is motivating you this week?  Have you set a weekly goal?  I stepped on the scale today, and decided to work a little harder to lose the pound I gained from cheating this weekend.  I know better than to eat out of my ordinary box, but I get an urge and I can't refrain.  If I get it in my head I want fried rice, I have to eat it, which wouldn't be a problem if that was the only bad thing I ate all weekend, but of course I can't live without my pizza too.  I have to get it in my head that I can only cheat at one meal for the entire weekend, not every meal because it's the weekend.

I am so close to my goal, yet so far away.  I have a number in my head of what I want to weigh, but I also have a picture of what I want to look like.  With that in mind, does it matter what the scale says or being happy with how I look?

I so wish that on December 31st I would have had hubby take a picture of me and measure me, so that I could have seen how good/bad I've done this month.  I know weight is coming off, I just don't know where from.  I still have time to take the pictures and measure and see how much I progress in the next month, but I won't have something to look back at from this past month.

Here's a little picture I found to keep in mind.  I'm beginning to notice, are you?  Make today's workout count!  Get off your booty, and do something, ANYTHING!  Work a little harder and it will pay off!  YOU've got this!  Happy Monday All!! xoxo BJ

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