Trying to lose weight is the pits!!! Just saying!   I think the more you really want the pounds to disappear, the harder it is for them to go.  The closer you get to your goal, it seems nearly impossible!

I've learned my biggest weakness is having any sweets or junk in the house!  I want to lose the weight, but there are days that I want the junk more.  I would rather not put it in the house at all, but my husband insists that he can't live without it.  Which is pure torture for me.  The problem being is, when I run out of the healthy food (which costs more than the crap food) I resort to eating the crap food in the house.

When I go shopping I think I have enough food to last until the next shopping trip, and somehow, it disappears days before I head back.  I wish that healthy food cost less and lasted longer.  I haven't gained any weight, but I haven't been losing it either.  I have a little over a month before the beach and have quite a few pounds to hit my goal.

Do you have any tips, tricks or words to live by when it comes to weight loss?  I need something!!  Hope you are all doing well!  xoxo


KY said...

Hmm I can totally relate! You mentioned that you shop to last you until the next shopping trip - is there any way that you could make quick shopping trips 2-3 times per week so that the healthy foods don't go bad so quickly? This is how we lived in Germany and I loved it!

Nicola Wright said...

I am with you on needing the junk out. I was just in Vegas for the weekend and am finding myself ravenous this week... and there is ALWAYS something I shouldn't have as I have kids!
My plan is to schedule my eating until I am fully refocused. I did a Reset last month and lost 9 pounds in 21 days because I was following a plan and staying accountable to friends on the same plan! I am starting a Clean Eating Challenge next week! Daily posting and advance planning always makes me reconsider when I am reaching for another hand full of yogurt covered raisins and my Shakeology helps cut back on my chocolate cravings!!! Do you want to join me?

Vic said...

I'm the junk food junkie but the past few months noticed a huge increase in headaches and my eyes were losing vision, did a little picking around and even found it messes with our hormonal impalances....so I cut a lot out of my daily routines...just stopped buying...instead i buy the pre-packed mixed fruit and make the coleslaw(i add vinegar) and eat a veggie wrap...sounds lame but it works and you soon realize that the junk turns to something you don't even crave anymore....give it a shot and spoil yourself once a week still.