Fleurty Bands- Review

I am so thankful to Jasmine Wood, the owner of Fleurty Bands for the opportunity to try and review the BEST headband I've ever used!  I'm not just saying that because I got to try it free, it really is hands down, the best one.  It didn't move, not even once!

(sorry for the sweaty selfie)

I have the worst time while working out keeping headbands on my head.  I thought maybe it was just my head.  I have bought different bands, made of different materials, but all of them slid out of place.  The worst is when you are running a race and you are continually having to fix it, or you lose it, because it falls out and you just don't have time for that nonsense!

Fleurty Bands are unique to any bands I've tried.  I don't know if it's the material she uses for the inside, but it stays where you put it.

Besides being handmade with love, they have beautiful craftsmanship,  you can pick from different colors and designs, and she has really cute ones!!  If you are looking for a headband that stays in place, and are adorable, head on over to her shop and grab one or a few!  Now that I'm a believer and know that they don't move, I'll be buying a few!

Thank you Jasmine and Fleurty Bands for being the Headband that doesn't move, so I can!

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Jennifer Rollins said...

I agree! FleurtyBands are the best!