Motivation Monday- Holiday week

I think this says it best!  With the Fourth of July only 4 days away, I need to remind myself, even if it's the Fourth, and I really can eat what I want, do I want to fall into old habits and feel the way I use to?  Holidays were a time of eating everything that was made then feeling like crap afterwards.  At what point do we say to ourselves, enough is enough?  We choose what we put into our bodies.  We choose to eat the food that fuels or food that tastes good as it goes down, then our bodies say, "what the hell is this crap, I'll make you feel like crap for putting it in yourself dummy."  Holidays and birthdays are the worst usually, we go to picnics, or parties that usually the crap food is served.  Hot dogs, hamburgers, pasta salad, chips, and so on.  I will be having a burger, but I'm going out and buying myself a chicken burger, will be passing on the bun and having plenty of fruit and veggies to fill me up.  I choosing to feel good about my holiday choices.

I read once in a magazine, eat at home before going to a party or activity.  This fills you up and you usually won't want any of the high calorie foods. If you do get hungry, or need a snack, grab some fruit or veggie, most parties have those trays.

My biggest problem doesn't lie in the food.  I have a sweet tooth, that I usually choose poorly, then feel horrible afterwards, even knowing the end result.  A great example would be yesterday when I attended a kids birthday party.  Most of the time I can refrain from cake, unless it's from one of the bakeries back home!  I seriously, cannot walk away from a slice of cake or a cupcake from one of my hometown bakeries.  I swear not even 10 mins after I ate half of the cupcake, my stomach hurt and I wanted to throw up from how sweet it was!  Oh the torture I choose, haha.  Anyway, I'm hoping since  while we're camping for the Fourth I don't have any bad foods, I'll be good to go.  Plan, plan, plan, is my best way of choosing wisely!

I don't diet, diets are fads that we do to lose weight.  Eating healthy, choosing wisely, is a way of life. I got rid of my fat clothes, because I have no intentions of gaining that weight back, ever!  Staying focused and choosing foods that help me to stay healthy and fit, is what I choose.

I hope you all have a fantastic Monday, set your goals, stay focused, and crush it!

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Let's Talk About Me said...

Well said! It's all about choices and not about dieting. Lifestyle adjustments!