New Easter Basket Idea

This year I thought it was finally time for the boys to have matching Easter Baskets.  Steve saw baskets that he thought would make good baskets for the boys to have for years and years. I found out that these baskets happen to be on the Today show, so it took me a little while to find matching ones.  These cost less than $20.00 to purchase and put the boys initials on them.  All in all, I think they were a great purchase, they will last for years to come!

Here is the basket to begin with
we bought stencils and fabric paint for the initials
(we were going to get them embroidered, but they couldn't get a hoop on it)
The finished product
Big enough for all of their Easter treats, and durable enough to last through the years. 
Plus they can use them as picnic baskets when they grow up.


Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

That's a win win! Easter baskets and picnic baskets for later! ;) Well done!

Clint Baker said...

Stopping by via "Little Shack on the Hill". I am your newest follower and congratulations on the award!