Thank You Friend

ever since i met you, you've been a shining star. you make me laugh, you call to chat, you lift me daily, but most of all, you call me sister and that means the world to me! i love you like i love the air i breathe and i just wanted everyone to know how special you are to me!

hi guys...it's vic from honey hazel. when i met bj, she was as energetic as a kid on steroids, which made me love her more and more. she and i have never met in person but we chat like we have, we connect like true friends do and she really makes some of my worst days into the best days! she's funny and bold and brilliantly beautiful. She doesn't talk about herself enough on here and I wanted you all to know how wonderful she really is. She's a power mama, a burst of fresh air and she's my friend.

i've said a million times before that i would rather have few real friends than a hundred fake ones. she and i can disagree, talk about it and be good.....we can go without chatting for weeks and catch up this very day where we left off. life is busy. we're moms, wives, crazy, hormonal queens but at the very most...we're friends who understand and who love each other for being wild, free and just being who we are! i love you friend...you're amazing! i'm so glad to have met you through blogging!

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Kassi Mortensen said...

Aw yay! Love both you girls!!! Here's to great bloggie friends!