Blogger E-Course

Welcome Bloggers! This Blog of Mine was created to help new interested bloggers get on the right track at running a successful blog. We do not claim to be perfect but have learned a whole lot during our years of writing, finding inspiration and growth.

This course is straight forward, doesn't sugar coat the process, gives you the basics, the technical aspect, the process of getting started and several bonus posts such as; photography tips, how to vlog via vlog, of course, what to post on a day you feel like posting nothing, sponsorship and more.

If you are a new blogger, someone thinking about starting a blog or a little bit of a pro this course is perfect for you! 

What You Will Learn

1.) why start a blog? we go over our summary of why you should/shouldn't start a blog and our top ten reasons to start one.
2.) is blogging for you? we discuss whether or not blogging is for you and how to make it happen otherwise.
3.) what's in a name. how to choose the perfect name for your blog and why it's important to stick to these tips.
4.) we discuss the importance of networking and share our ways to utilize social media sites.
5.) basic designs, image hosting and design sites.
6.) html basics---it causes brain strain but necessary in running a blog.
7.) a look into your posts; covers adding photos, how to post on a day you don't feel like it, what you should post about, how often you should post and more...
8.) how to be a successful blogger; we go over the top 10 ways to be successful. we give you the run down on how to make your blog attractive.
9.) Ashley shares the perfect way to find your voice!
10.) We share our experiences on blogging with pride.
11.) There is a variety of Photography Tips separated into different posts giving you the basics from fashion shoots to taking good pics with your phone.
12.) Tips on Hosting a Giveaway (Bonus)
13.) My take on Cliques-Get on some real shit! (Bonus) Yes, I put some drama in there. What's a blog without it?
14.) How to Vlog via Vlog-Kate is an amazing vlogger, singer who shares her list of tips on how to vlog--video is wonderful! (Bonus)
15.) Love your Blog-this is a very short post but I think I get the message across loud and clear. (Bonus)
16.) Finding Inspiration-this post is about being inspired and being an inspiration. (Bonus)
17.) Healthy Promoting--we share the top 10 greatest ways to promote your blog without stooping to a level of Shameless Self-Promoting. I saved the best for last and think it's something that most people never think about doing.
18.) On following blogs, comments and more. (Bonus)
19.) Tips on how to post blog comments. No shameless self-promoting, you can get many more followers by being real.
20.) Blogging for Business and turning a personal blog into a business blog.
21.) Time is important and you need to have that management to be successful.

and more......

This is the road to a successful, proud blog. You'll learn a lot of information that you'll be happy to tackle and We're here for you on call if you ever need a question answered immediately.

Once you have successfully paid, you will receive an invite to the course within 48hours. Most times it is within few hours but 48 at max. Congrats and Welcome to the Bloggers Course.


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